Foe Frenzy is a fast-paced fighting game where you battle up to three of your friends with random, short-lasting items in an attempt to be the last survivor. Battle up to three of your friends locally or using online play. Pick up weapons, armor, healing items and more and use them to damage your enemies before they run out! Play locally with up to two players on one keyboard and additional controllers, or use Steam, Discord or IP-based Multiplayer to battle over the internet!


I initially released this game as local-only right before the pandemic, so it never had a chance to become popular. Afterwards, for Foe Frenzy version 2, I added online multiplayer, new graphics, and a bunch of additional features like expert mode and the random effect items. Still, by this point, I had stopped promoting the game, and so it currently remains somewhat of a hidden project.


  • Use the terrain to your advantage on over 14 different maps. Run through hot deserts and wet swamps and chop through vines and jump down cliffs to reach the best weapons; stumble through caves where your enemies lurk in the dark and make yourself vulnerable by swimming through lakes!
  • Select the map you're best at and hope that it gets picked over the ones that your friends chose!
  • Fight with over 15 different items, from swords, bows and leather armor to flamethrowers and teleporters. Each item only lasts a short time, so choose carefully what move to make next!
  • Pick up random effect items that cause a disadvantage to your opponents, but have a small chance of causing you trouble too. Slow down your friends, invert their controls, or make yourself invincible!
  • Pick the color and the look of your battler. Unlock Achievements to gain access to more character designs!
  • Once you're really good, enable expert mode for yourself for a greater challenge against your friends - lower HP, item durability and speed will make it more difficult for you to win!
  • Defeat your friends before the timer runs out to win! The results screen shows how your friends were killed, and who killed them, so make your actions count!
  • If the timer reaches a minute remaining, the game goes into Tiebreaker mode: Each player only has a single health point remaining until the end. Kill your last opponent in this exciting battle and emerge victorious!


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Ellpeck, who usually goes by Ell, is a student, programmer, and indie game developer from Germany. He has released multiple of his projects, including the popular Minecraft mods Actually Additions and Nature's Aura, both of which have received over five million downloads. Currently, he is finishing his Computer Science degree and working on his passion project, the life simulation game Tiny Life.
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