In Touchy Tickets, you own a theme park and a ticket booth. Selling tickets by tapping allows you to buy park attractions and modifiers for those attractions, allowing you to sell more tickets automatically! Once you've racked up enough tickets, you can buy permanent star upgrades that boost the performance of your entire park - if you set your attractions up right!



  • Find the most lucrative placement for your attractions!
  • Unlock over 15 different attraction types!
  • Work towards more than 10 star upgrades to boost your park's performance!


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Ellpeck, who usually goes by Ell, is a student, programmer, and indie game developer from Germany. He has released multiple of his projects, including the popular Minecraft mods Actually Additions and Nature's Aura, both of which have received over five million downloads. Currently, he is finishing his Computer Science degree and working on his passion project, the life simulation game Tiny Life.
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